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Why Are Kitchen Cabinets Expensive?

November 2, 2016


When it comes to putting together a new kitchen, it can soon become pretty challenging to justify the cost. One of the most expensive parts of building a new kitchen would most likely be the cabinets. These tend to be as expensive as anything else, ensuring that you get a good looking kitchen for the cost. However, the issue is that many people want to find a good half-way house – a fine quality without the excessive cost.

The issue is that unless you want to really ditch the quality aspect, you will likely have to pay a fair cost for kitchen cabinets anyway. So, why are they so expensive? Is it because we know that they are a necessity?


The first thing is the materials – getting the materials together can be an expensive task. Even if you hire someone to do it for you they still need to pay a good deal. The person making your kitchen cabinets has to pay a good fee for the materials; unless you want to use cheap substitutes you cannot really escape that fact.

Now, the materials usually cost a fair amount – but how does that justify the full cost of the kitchen cabinets? Its only part of the cost.


Have you heard the old adage that time is money? It’s a fact in this industry. Those working on your kitchen cabinets will take a long time to make them right; they don’t just charge for materials; they charge for the time that it takes to make the product as much as anything. And that is entirely fair as the work required to make quality cabinets is hugely time intensive.

You can do it yourself and cost yourself only the time to build it, but it’s nowhere near as professional a finish when managed DIY. The cost is likely to be heavily weighted in favor of the time that it takes to create the product.


You also need to put into account the fact that designs can only be implemented in the time that it suits you. This means that the cabinets have to be measured, made and installed in the timeframe that is going to fit your own life. As such, you could be putting out the designer as they have to fit it at an inopportune time for them personally. Therefore, you pay a premium for feasibility in most cases.

Skill and Machinery

Lastly, most kitchen cabinet designers spend a good chunk of their time trying to make up for lost money when buying hardware to make their job easier. Costs go up on bespoke jobs as the hardware needed to do it has to be paid for and accommodated. Therefore, it should never be too much of a shock that your kitchen cabinets cost as much as they do.

With all of these factors considered, then, you should have no problems now in trying to decipher the overall price, and therefore giving yourself a more realistic cost.

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