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What are Modular Kitchen Cabinets Made of?

November 2, 2016


When putting together a modular kitchen, one of the major implements that you need is going to be how you best deal with the materials that modular kitchen cabinets are made of. As the most important (and expensive) of your kitchen add-ons, it makes sense to ensure that you have all the knowledge needed to follow along with without breaking the bank.

So, what you should definitely do is consider looking for modular kitchen cabinets that are made of the material that you are happy with. The material affects the price so if you want to have cheaper kitchen cabinets, you need to change the material.

So, what kind of products will be used to make modular kitchen cabinets?

  • Solid Wood is the most common choice for lots of homes, alongside a laminated option. Kitchen cabinets like to use solid wood as it offers a solidity and a strength to the cabinet that ensures it can hold what you place in here with ease. Hardwood is usually taken from trees such as oak, maple, cherry, pine and alder. This form of solid wood, whether it’s a base, a wall, a shelf or a back panel will require a solid wood to give it that solidity – most of the time, anyway.
  • Plywood is another good choice to go with and is usually the main materials used in the last few decades. Due to its ease of creation and the fact it’s cheaper than solid wood, lots of people choose to go with plywood. It’s usually easily available even in less affluent areas so you should have no problem in finding quality plywood to use. Usually you can find that it’s a little easier to work in terms of bulk costing, too, so you can find that getting good deals on plywood is a pretty decent idea.
  • MDF tends to be a good option when you want to reduce your cost considerably. Not only does MDF usually offer a solidity that makes sense for cost-effective modular kitchen cabinet creation, but it’s easily the most available of the three options that you tend to have. Therefore, you can easily pick from MDF and find that it offers a smooth and friendly texture for sure. Its laminated style makes a fine place to start off with when you want an easier solution, too, such is the ease of matching lamination into a modular kitchen.

Following on from the above, you should quite easily be able to make a good and effective choice regarding the kind of wood that you want to see. This makes sense in terms of making sure that you are left with a kitchen that looks the way that you wanted, but costed a lot less than you expected.

Making this decision, though, means putting into practice a fair amount of planning – even with thee above, you should spend a lot more time researching. Find out the pros and cons of each of the options relative to your own situation, and it will soon become much easier to make quality kitchen cabinets for your modular kitchen design.

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