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How to Arrange Things in Your Modular Kitchen

July 12, 2015

There are plenty of items in your kitchen. The sheer amount of stuff makes it harder for you to organize it properly in your kitchen cabinets. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of your modular kitchen cabinets. With modest organization, you can arrange things so that your kitchen can become more functional and efficient.

By the way, before you purchase a product, double check its measurement if it will fit in your kitchen. There is nothing more frustrating than going home from a shopping spree only to discover that your new appliance does not fit in your kitchen. Also, keep in mind that square is the better shape. Your cabinets are square so try to buy organizers that match the shape. Here is the list of tips on how to arrange things in your modular kitchen:

  1. Label your tables and kitchen counters for preparation, clean-up, cooking, storage, and serving. Use only masking tape.
  2. Take out everything and place in on the countertop and table depending on their purpose. Make sure to check the expiration dates for food items and other spices.
  3. Sort the labeled areas by usage.
  4. Hang pot holders, aprons, and dish towels on pegs.
  5. Arrange the kitchenware depending on frequency of use. Everyday items should be place on easy-to-reach shelf.
  6. Label the cabinets. Set aside the lower cabinets nearest to the gas range for your pots and pans. Tag the cabinets closest to the refrigerator for plates, glasses and containers.
  7. Label the drawer next to the ref as space for plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Storing away leftovers will be a quick work.
  8. Maximize storage space by installing racks and dividers in each cabinet to reduce clutter.
  9. Place rarely used appliances on the lowest layer of the cabinet space.
  10. Fill a container will storage lids. Place the container in the cabinets together with the storage bowls. Stack them if possible.
  11. Place the serving dishes on the top shelf of the cabinet.
  12. Place heavy items in the lower layer of your cabinets.
  13. Put cleaning products, toxic materials, and trash bags just under the sink.
  14. Set the newest food items at the back of the cabinet while the older items should be placed in front.
  15. Get the pull-outs installed near the cooking range.
  16. Install hooks on the upper cabinets to stash pots and pans.
  17. Get your lower cabinet a fixed stand.

What are your thoughts on our tips on how to arrange things in your modular kitchen? Let us know if it helps you organize your kitchen cabinets better by sharing your comments below.


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