4 Holiday Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

4 Holiday Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

December 4, 2015

Over the Christmas season, plenty of people will be getting out the old paintbrush and getting to work on their homes – the only problem is that most people will do this without really thinking about what they need, or how they can make their home look nicer than ever.

Instead, you have to understand – and appreciate – that holiday decorating is hard work and it can put you in a position whereby you will decorate things to fit with the festive theme instead of the long-term look and feel that you wanted in that particular room. Especially when you are decorating small spaces like tiny rooms, cupboards, or even just small sections and corners of a room. What you will find though is that the help you get decorating when you are taking on small spaces can benefit from a little cheerful feel.

Even if you go with your long-term color and style, you can add that temporary bit of holiday cheer by simply adding in some little extras.

What makes sense for holiday decorating?

  • Raise up that Christmas tree! Simply adding it onto a little stool or something similar can help get the Christmas tree off the ground and into the air. It adds a little bit of extra quality to the room and – crucially – allows you to have the festive spirit in that small space. A smaller, raised Christmas tree will ensure that you are left with a tree that fits in the area rather than using a taller, larger tree that takes up all of the space available.
  • Why not create a new kind of tree? Simple abstract designs that sit behind shelfing made from just a wooden cut-out or a paper cut-out of a tree adds a nice little layer of realism to the room whilst ensuring you are going for something different. A little wall tree that is just flat against the room allows for you to blend in things like shelves, ensuring that the whole piece comes together in the most fantastic solution possible.
  • Don’t let your decoration just go down to the eyes – think of the nose, too. Get some basic Christmas scents on the go with the help of things like cranberries and cinnamon smells that add that stunning, festive smell to the area. It takes a bit of work to make up the right kind of scent, but it makes even the most enclosed of spaces have another layer of quality to their design.
  • Remove all decor from this smaller area and replace it with new DIY fittings – things like covered festive pillows, throws, bedding etc. can all sit in the smaller corners of the room and add another little layer of realism. Got that recliner in the corner of the room? Put a festive throw over it! It adds another layer of life to the site and makes it look even better than ever before, bringing the whole room to life once again.

These basic ideas should be all that you need to start making that festive period feel even more enjoyable than ever before! It’ll bring the whole room together and ensure you are left with the most delightful, joyful design possible.

Image courtesy of Daniel Go on Flickr.

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